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What is a wedding videographer?

Wedding Videography is not new but has become more mainstream, more and more couples are using part of their wedding budget on capturing their day as a film. Videography is an investment and is quite often overlooked and put to the bottom of the pile, more and more couples are considering booking due to the way wedding films have progressed over time. If you’re interested in commissioning a videographer for your wedding or still not sure it’s worth considering, we want to share some tips to help you get started.


When you have a video to compliment your photos you gain the whole experience of the day to look back on. Photography can capture moments and memories as videography does but it does not include the background sound of the day or have your vows in perfect pitch for you to listen to on your wedding anniversary. Louise Shrigley Wedding Films capture sound all day, girls having fun in the morning prep, special card readings from the groom, your vows, the speeches, ambient noise of the river next door – all these add up to an experience of that day and it can’t be replicated.



Most videographers offer packages that help you decide what you want on the day and afterward as a film. We offer bespoke packages where our clients can pick and choose what they want on the day as coverage and what films they will receive afterward. Not all videographers offer a full film of the entire day but just a highlights film, with music laid over the top. We do however offer this as well as the highlight film options. Depending on your budget we have something for most people.

Here are some of the most popular package options you’re likely to see when hiring a videographer:

Trailer/Teaser Film (1-2 min) – Have you ever watched a movie trailer? This trailer or teaser film is created by your videographer while they continue to edit and craft the final product. Some videographers include a teaser video as a part of their package, while others offer it as an add-on. We offer a 1min teaser within 3 days of the wedding so you can share online with friends and family.

Highlight Film (3-10 min) – With many videographers, the highlight film is the final product you will receive. More commonly, this film is non-linear and takes a more modern approach, where the videographer has truly created a piece of cinematic art out of the events and moments throughout your day. We have found that a film of 3-5 mins is the perfect length to share so it keeps up the attention span of the viewer. Our highlight films do not flow in a linear form, they are constructed in a creative flow depending on how the day unfolded.

Short Cinematic Film (15-25 min) – If you decide on a package with a short film, you will receive an edited version of your wedding footage that takes a more linear form, often including a portion of your vows, reception toasts, etc. Depending on how long you book your videographer, the film may also include getting ready footage, first look footage, and grand exit.

Same day edit (4-10 min) – Some videographers offer an option to have footage from your wedding edited on the spot and shown during your reception. This can be a fun surprise for guests on the day-of! This is not something we offer at this time.

Full-length documentary (30-90 min) – If you are interested in reliving the majority of your day, this option is for you! Your videographer can create a longer film that includes entire sections of your wedding, like your ceremony. Due to the length, this option is the most like a true movie of your wedding. This film length will be dependant on the ceremony length and speeches, all the other elemnets of your day fill in around these details.

Add-ons –  Most videographers offer à la carte options to receive additional footage from your day. A few popular add-ons include:

  • Full ceremony/reception – Edited footage of your wedding ceremony or of toasts/speeches during your reception
  • Raw footage – Unedited footage from your wedding day – we supply this when requested on a Hard drive
  • Drone aerial coverage – Paul is our licensed drone pilot – we also have full insurance
  • Rehearsal dinner coverage – we don’t currently offer this
  • Love story – Similar to an engagement session, this footage is filmed before your wedding day, usually in plain clothes, which may include an interview with you as a couple as well as a lifestyle shoot.


  • A highlight film – Vinny & Hayley


All videographers have their style and their artistic touch, we like to think we are documentary with a cinematic edge and a touch of storytelling.

These are the most common styles to look for in your search:

Cinematic – Cinematic is the most popular style of videographer you will find in your search. These films are most like a real movie, edited and stylized as a piece of art. There are two main styles within cinematic videography.

Video Journalistic / Documentary – Like documentary photography, a video journalistic approach is meant to capture the day as it occurred. This means that your film will include footage of some of your day’s biggest moments, but will also highlight the other happenings of the day — getting ready, guests interacting before the ceremony, dancing at the reception, etc.

Storytelling – Unlike the other types of wedding films, a storytelling style relies on sound bites, both from the day and recorded at another time, to, as you might have guessed, tell the story of your day. The way that music may be used to create an emotional reaction in other film types, storytelling uses sound bites for dramatic effect.

Nostalgic – There is a trend in wedding videography as of late to use Super 8 film, or 8-millimeter film, to capture weddings with a vintage flair. Some videographers may use this film to document the entire day or will blend it with modern recording technology for a unique effect.


A highlight Film – Marcus and Becky



Budget – If videography is a priority on your wedding day, it’s a good idea to incorporate that into your wedding budget as early on as possible. The price of having both a photographer and videographer isn’t cheap. Depending on what your budget situation is, you may have to make cuts in other areas of your day to afford to have it captured the way you want. For a good videographer, we recommend budgeting as much (if not more) for their services as you would for your photographer.

Coverage – How many hours of coverage you want is also an important budget consideration. How important is it to you that the videographer films you getting ready or your grand exit? Having less hours of coverage and focusing on the most important parts of your day can be a good way to keep your budget down and still book the videographer of your dreams. Our ussual day is 10-12 hrs which typically runs from prep all the way until first dance.

Delivery – Another thing to consider when choosing a videographer is how the film and footage will be delivered. Different videographers have their own system, but you may want to keep these delivery methods in mind when choosing which vendor is right for you.

  • USB Stick
  • CD – who uses these any more???
  • External Hardrive
  • Online sharing

In addition to receiving your film or footage to use, your videographer may make your video available for viewing online. Typically, videographers host their films on Vimeo. However, be sure to check in your contract how long online viewing will be available. Some videographers only offer one year of online video hosting, while some will host it indefinitely. This is a great question to ask in your interviews, as well as what options they have if the video will be eventually taken down.

Lastly, you will want to find out if the videographer will deliver raw footage in addition to edited video. While photographers most often do not provide raw images (and prefer that you don’t ask!), some videographers will provide an option to receive raw, unedited footage of your ceremony, reception, or other parts of your wedding so that you can watch your vows and toasts in full — as many times as you want! If this is a priority for you, be sure to ask whether raw footage is included in any packages or if they can add it on as an à la carte option.

Just started looking at vendors for the first time? Here is our list of people we love to work with…..WE LOVE