Wedding video music - Shrigley Wedding Films
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Wedding video music

Getting the right song for your wedding videos is not easy, we cant use commercial well-known music such as Ed Sheeran and Christina Perri for the films and here is why….

Music Copyright Explained

All songs are protected by copyright and these rules apply to wedding videos, even your home movies!

What about the songs we buy on amazon and iTunes?

These songs are protected by copyright law, even though you bought the song, you only have the rights to listen to it.

What if my band performed a song?

We can use a song written and performed by your band if they hold the rights, but playing a popular commercial song and using it in the films is still under the copyright laws.

Can we break the rules?

NOPE! The punishment can vary from no action at all to being sued for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

When or anyone uploads online to Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram etc they detect the commercial music and will either not allow the final upload or will flag it later on and take it down.

So what can we do instead?

We have to use a music licensing system where we pay for permission to use their songs for our wedding films. We use Musicbed, Sound tripe, and others similar to make our films sound awesome!

But my friend’s wedding film has popular music?

That’s a risk we are not willing to take and to be honest your films will have longevity and be timeless with not using commercial songs.