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Top Wedding Video Ideas

To have the perfect wedding day is probably one of your biggest dreams. From the moment you get engaged, you want to make sure that all details are perfect so nothing will go wrong on your big day. Thus, the best way to treasure all the things you’ve put so much effort into and to capture the sweetest and precious moments of your wedding day is to have it filmed. Compile flawless footage with music so you can easily relive the feel of that day anytime.

Read on to see the various videography ideas you can use to make the memory of that day more special.

Slide Show

This wedding video style is one of the first used among many others. Still photographs of the event are compiled with special effects and heartwarming music to emphasise the moments of the ceremony.

The Proposal

Most of the time, he would hire a professional videographer to capture his proposal because of the overwhelming feeling for his question, you won’t remember your actual reaction and the details of what you said to each other. You will definitely want to watch the lovely moment repeatedly and share it with your family and friends.


With the combination of black-and-white and coloured footage of the whole ceremony, this technique will give you the classic English wedding vibe. The videographer captures all the details from every angle of the event and creates a short film. You can base your video from one of your favourite movies or direct your own.

Wedding Trailer

This style is the summary of your full-length wedding video. You can ask your videographer to make a two to three-minute film, send it to your family and friends as your wedding invitation or post on your wedding website.

Wedding Music Video

This type of wedding video is awkward to film, especially when you’re not used to acting in front of the camera. However, this technique will make your wedding more unique and remarkable to your guests. They will feel that you’ve put so much effort and passion into your perfect wedding day.


This film style is one of the most popular and most used by wedding videographers. From the smallest details like your make-up session until your kiss after you say your ‘I Do’s’ will be compiled in an artistic and dramatic way. It’s the best way to show the audience how it feels like and what actually happened before, during and after the wedding ceremony.Still can’t decide on what wedding video style to use for your wedding? Louise Shrigley Wedding films can help you decide. We are a team who pride ourselves in producing beautifully crafted wedding videos over the years. From capturing high-quality audio and footage of the ceremony to selecting heartwarming music to incorporate with the films we create, we ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied. Talk to us today through 07472075344 or chat with us at

Top Wedding Video Ideas | Louise Shrigley Wedding Films