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Videographer and Photographer


Paul Shrigley

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Hi, we’re Louise & Paul

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We love filming weddings for our clients.
After many years experience as a wedding photographer in Dubai (yes, we lived there for 10 years!) Louise fell in love with movement and trained as a wedding videographer, which she has now specialised in for over the last 8 years.
We love to capture the day as it unfolds in an unobtrusive documentary-style way, letting the story speak for itself and capture all those important emotions and moments.


Louise originally trained as a graphic designer and worked in London for several years before our family moved to Dubai in 2007. Always working with photographers, art directing photo shoots, and creating award-winning children’s books I gained the confidence to pick up the camera again when the children were born. After several years as a photographer in Dubai, Louise  changed over to video and loved the options it gave her. Before leaving Dubai she worked as a photography tutor for 2 years in Dubai’s leading photography hub – Gulf Photo Plus, where she gained valuable experience in teaching students how to get the best from their cameras. You could say she’s a bit of a gear geek and love talking about cameras – don’t get her started!


We have two amazing daughters that are just as creative as we are, our family are big animal lovers, we have 5 dogs, a parrot, a giant cat and 7 chickens. Most of our dogs are rescues from when we lived in Dubai and yes we brought them all over with us – I can tell you all about it over a coffee!


Paul brings an additional slant on the productions, being a fully accredited drone pilot (approved by the CAA, and fully insured) – the addition of aerial filming delivers a more cinematic feel to all our films.


As a husband and wife team, we bring together our styles and strengths to create beautifully crafted films with our attention on capturing people’s emotions and the atmosphere of the day, so you watch your memories time and time again.


We only book a select number of weddings each year and like to work very closely with our couples to get the best film possible for them. If you love our work and want to create a beautiful film to tell your story then get in touch and we will meet up to get to know you.


To find out more about us please see our FAQs


Shrigley Wedding films are based in Hertfordshire however travel all over the UK and abroad.


For examples of our commercial work see –
Red Tail Media 

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